What Do Leprechauns Eat?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 12, 2020 3:17:22 AM ET
RyanJLane/E+/Getty Images

Leprechauns eat different types of wildflowers, nuts, potatoes and mushrooms. They also enjoy fancy homemade beverages and on given occasions, they take dandelion tea. Since they live in a forest in Ireland, most of the leprechaun’s diet is comprised of wild foods.

Leprechauns drink many kinds of beer and whisky especially when celebrating events such as St. Patrick’s Day, the birth of children and weddings. Green beer and Guinness are some of their favorite beer brands. As a result of the nutrient-rich organic foods that they eat, leprechauns are estimated to live for over 300 years. They are rumored to live in invisible villages in the forest, caves and tree hollows. Leprechauns are extremely shy creatures, and they spend most of their lives collecting gold coins and guarding the treasure.

Leprechauns are red-haired, man-like creatures. They are believed to be about 24 inches tall. In Irish mythology, the leprechauns were once great warriors who were banished by an evil magician and his army after it conquered Ireland. After many years, the banished warriors emerged as the leprechauns. The word “leprechaun” is Gaelic for "shoemaker," and this explains why the leprechauns play the role of shoemakers in many Irish fairy tales.