What Is a Left Right Birthday Party Game?

The left right birthday party game is a game that involves a story, according to Party Game Central. At the start of the game, one person holds a party gift. The players listen to a story and pass the gift to the right or the left based on the story.

The left right party game involves a story that frequently mentions “left” or “right.” Players continue passing the gift until the end of the story, and the person holding the gift at the end gets to keep that present. According to Fun Creative Kids Games, this is a suitable game for players of all ages and every type of party. Party hosts can download or create different stories based on the holiday or event.

Another version of the game involves the use of the word “across.” Players sit in a large circle and pass gifts left, right and across the room. This version of the game is a good choice for larger parties and for gift exchanges. This simple game lets party hosts hand out goodie bags and small gifts as a way to thank guests for coming to the party and celebrating the special day of the birthday boy or girl.