What Are All of the “Left Behind” Books in Order?

A list of all of the “Left Behind” books in order begins with “Left Behind” and ends with “Kingdom Come.” The second book in the series is “Tribulation Force,” followed by “Nicolae,” “Soul Harvest,” “Apollyon,” “Assassins” and “The Indwelling.”

The next book after “The Indwelling” is “The Mark.” It is followed by “Desecration,” “The Remnant,” “Armageddon,” “Glorious Appearing” and “Kingdom Come.” Three additional books, “The Rising,” “The Regime” and “The Rapture,” were also released and are considered prequels to the initial “Left Behind” book.

The “Left Behind” series was written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It consists of 16 books that were released from 1995 until 2007. The books focus on the end times outlined in the Christian faith and follows the time of the rapture through the tribulation and second coming of Christ before ending with the millennium world.

The main characters of the “Left Behind” series focus on a group known as the tribulation saints as well as the Antichrist and false prophet. Members of the tribulation force include Rayford Steele and his daughter Chloe, Cameron “Buck” Williams, Tson Ben-Judah and Bruce Barns. The Antichrist is originally known as Nicolae Carpathia, while the false prophet is Leon Fortunato.