How Do You Find a Leak in an Inflatable Pool?

Find a leak in your inflatable pool using a spray bottle, dish soap, water, a soft cloth or rag, and a soft-tip marker. The time needed for this process depends on the size of your pool.

  1. Fill the spray bottle with soap mixture

    Mix dish soap with lukewarm water until the resulting mixture is sudsy and soapy. Shake the bottle to mix it and ensure it is soapy enough.

  2. Use the soap mixture on the inflatable pool’s surface

    Start with the area that you believe may be the cause of the leak, and spray the soap mixture directly onto the inflated pool’s surface. Focus on 1 square foot at a time, and use a cloth to rub the mixture in thoroughly. Go slowly, section by section, on the surface of the pool with the mixture. Check the seams, around the valve, and over the entire surface.

  3. Mark the areas where bubbles form

    As you go over the surface of the pool with the soap mixture, take note of any bubbles that continue to inflate. Circle these areas with the marker and continue because there may be more than one leak.

  4. Go back with a patch

    After checking the insides, sides, and bottom of the pool, you know where the leaks are forming. Go back to the marked areas, and re-examine them before covering the holes with a patch.