What Are the Laws in Tennessee Concerning Emancipation?

According to the laws of Tennessee, a minor must request a judicial review to become emancipated. There is no legal age required for emancipation to be granted.

Legal Aid of Tennessee states that in order to get emancipated, a minor must first petition the court for emancipation. The application for petition of emancipation must state the names of the minor’s present parents or guardians and the reason why the child is seeking emancipation. The application is submitted to the clerk of court, who will charge a fee, and forward copies to the minor’s parents if their signature is not already present on the document. The court then schedules a hearing date for the minor to explain to the judge why emancipation should occur. Parents are notified of the hearing as well and may express their opinions before the judge. Good causes for emancipation include entering a contract, buying a car, moving into an apartment, borrowing money, or escaping parental neglect or abuse. Minors must also show that they are mature enough and can financially support themselves, according to FindLaw. This means that minors can financially support and provide housing for themselves. They must also prove that they will finish school.