What Are the Laws Concerning Moving Out at the Age of 17 in Georgia?

Teenagers can move out of their parents’ home in Georgia via legal emancipation, marriage or joining the military. In the state of Georgia, teens that are 16 and 17 years of age may apply to be legally emancipated through the Georgia Juvenile Court system, according to Georgia Legal Aid.

According to Georgia Legal Aid, there are four ways in which a minor in Georgia can legally make decisions like an adult. She can seek legal emancipation through a court, get married, join the military or turn age 18. Emancipation frees the minor of parental or guardian control. Emancipated teens are then able to make decisions regarding housing and finances, including signing legal paperwork such as leases, and are able to move out of their parents’ home. Parents of emancipated teens are not required to provide child support.

Seeking emancipation through the juvenile court system in Georgia requires the minor to be a resident of the state. The court places certain conditions on the process, according to Georgia Legal Aid. Parents or guardians must consent to the emancipation request. Should parents object, the burden falls on the minor to prove to the court why emancipation is the best course of action. The minor must also show the court that she is perfectly capable of managing her own affairs.