What Is the Law If My Dog Bites Another Dog?

Hammerin Man/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Laws on pet liability depend on a number of factors including violations of animal control laws, negligence and specific provisions of state, county and municipal laws where the incident took place, according to attorney Kenneth Morgan Phillips, the top dog bite lawyer. A dog owner can be held accountable for his dog’s actions if the owner failed to take proper precautions or does something unreasonable with the animal.

If a person’s dog has a history of aggression toward other dogs, it is unwise to take that animal to a dog park, notes Phillips. If a pet owner violates an animal control law, such as a leash law, the instance is always considered negligent. Walking a dog without a leash in a county that has strict leash laws is considered negligence if the dog attacks another dog.

Some places have provisions in place that always place responsibility on the owner if his dog attacks another person or dog, regardless of how it happened. However, most provisions make exceptions for instances in which the dog was provoked, threatened or injured an intruder or trespasser. According to Phillips, each city and state has varying laws on pet owner responsibility in instances where dogs injure other dogs.