What Are Law Degree Abbreviations?

Some law degree abbreviations are “LL.B.” or “B.L.” for Bachelor of Law and “J.D.” for Juris Doctor. Other abbreviations are “LL.D.,” which stands for “Legum Doctor,” equivalent to a doctorate degree, and “LLM,” which stands for “Legum Magister,” a master’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree in law is also abbreviated as “LLB” or “Ll.B.” “LL.” is the plural form of “legum,” which means “law” in Latin. It is usually pursued after three years of undergraduate studies.

Most institutions around the world offer LL.B. programs as a standard law education, although law schools in the United States have phased them out in favor of J.D. programs. A J.D. is considered higher than a master’s degree but lower than a doctorate.