How Do You Find LaJobi Crib Replacement Parts?

The LaJobi company closed in 2014, but retail outlets that carried LaJobi products might have remaining inventory available for purchase. Additionally, customers can find some generic parts, such as bolts or screws, at a local hardware store.

Toys “R” Us still sells Baby Italia cribs and parts on its website and in some stores. Product availability for discontinued items varies by store and may be limited. The Graco website allows users to search for replacement parts based on the product’s model number and manufacture date. Individuals searching for replacement parts for Graco cribs should start there, as Graco might have the part available or might be able to direct the individual to an alternative. sells hardware specifically for cribs and other baby furniture, which may be compatible with LaJobi cribs.

LaJobi made cribs sold under the labels Bonavita, Babi Italia, Europa Baby and Heidi Klum. LaJobi also manufactured cribs licensed for Graco and Nursery 101. LaJobi’s parent company, Kid Brands, Inc., filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and the bankruptcy court approved a sale of the company. The LaJobi website is no longer operational and there is no official word from LaJobi as to where users can purchase replacement parts.