How Do You Find a La-Z-Boy Parts Diagram?

La-Z-Boy showcases all of its manuals for its furniture online on its website. The diagrams for each piece of furniture are found inside the manual, which is available to download free in PDF format.

The available manuals are located in the design sections of the La-Z-Boy website. There are two different search engines where a user can input the part number or keyword of the furniture they own. Use the following instructions to find a manual.

  1. Find the product manuals section
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the La-Z-Boy home page and click on the site map. Highlight and click the section titled product manuals.

  3. Search for the correct manual
  4. Input the furniture model or keyword to find the exact manual.

  5. Download the manual
  6. Download the manual and scroll through it to find the right diagram.