What Are Some Known Problems With the Jaguar XJ8?

Some common problems reported by Jaguar XJ8 owners include unintended acceleration while braking, the vehicle failing to go into safe mode, and vibration in the rear differential. Other reported problems include the center arm rest cup holder breaking, failure of the timing chain tensioner that results in damage to the engine, and engine overheating that damages cylinder bores. Fuel pump failure and broken lug nuts on the vehicle’s wheels are additional complaints.

The Jaguar XJ8 often experiences problems with the timing chain on its V8 engine. The tensions, crafted from plastic, often fail prematurely, resulting in critical damage to the engine. In addition, if the engine overheats, its cylinder bores often become damaged, which causes the engine to consume excessive oil.

Several model years of Jaguar XJ8 experienced recalls from the manufacturer due to a variety of issues. For example, Jaguar recalled some vehicles in 2004 due to the potential for accelerated corrosion of the brake line that could cause brake system pressure failure, leaks in the brake lines and loss of braking functionality. A 2006 recall involved improper attachment of the fuel tank component, which allowed possible leakage of fuel vapors and an increased risk of fire. An additional recall involved the vehicle’s moon roof, which was incorrectly assembled to where it could touch a reinforcement bar and shatter, posing injury to the vehicle’s occupants.