What Is King Baby Syndrome?

Richard Drury/Stone/Getty Images

A person who has King Baby syndrome is typically selfish, rejects criticism, complains, is obsessed with money and belongings and doesn’t feel like rules should apply to him. In short, he is someone who refuses to mature.

A King Baby copes with life’s difficulties and trials by refusing to accept them and instead focuses on selfish needs and desires. He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and is always looking for the next reason to laugh and have fun — no matter what the expense.

A person with King Baby syndrome can be fun to be around for a period of time, but he is not able to be a good long-term friend because the moment somebody needs something from him, he looks for an escape. Many people who have King Baby syndrome have chemical dependencies and addictions to drugs and alcohol because of how they help them remove themselves from difficult or unpleasant situations.

It is difficult for a King Baby to move out of this role given the fact that he perceives so many advantages to not needing to worry about life. Those who enable a King Baby simply make it harder for him to want to become a productive adult.