What Kinds of Skylights Does Andersen Windows Make?

Andersen Windows does not manufacture skylights as of 2015, as both Andersen skylights and roof windows were discontinued in 2009. Both Andersen skylights and roof windows were Terratone in color, featured an aluminum window sash and were available in numerous sizes.

Although they look similar, there are a number of notable differences between Andersen skylights and stationary roof windows. The company’s skylights featured a wood frame, which was not visible from the interior of the home. The glass in the skylights was set against an aluminum frame that featured a stepped design. The glass was also sealed with a fillet bead, which is a silicone seal placed on the exterior of the skylight where the glass meets the aluminum sash.

Andersen stationary roof windows also feature a wooden frame that is visible from the inside of the home. Instead of a fillet bead, the roof windows use a black rubber gasket set against the edge of the glass to seal the window. This rubber gasket is mostly visible from the exterior.

Andersen skylights began producing roof windows in 1983 and started making skylights in 1991. In addition to the Andersen brand, the company produces windows and doors under the brands Silver Line and American Craftsman, the latter of which is sold exclusively at The Home Depot. The company also produces a line of replacement windows sold under the name Renewal by Andersen.