What Are Some Kinds of Land Transportation?

Some kinds of land transportation are rails, motor vehicles, pipelines, cables, and human- and animal-powered transportation. Each of these types of transportation can be divided into different subcategories. Land transportation refers to the movement of goods, people and animals from one place to another over dry land as opposed to air and water transportation.

The very first coaches were drawn by horses and oxen, but more recently, land transportation includes machines that run on diesel and gasoline. The first car was invented by Henry Ford in 1908 in Detroit, Mich. More recently, innovation has given rise to vehicles that are driven by electricity or by a combination of gasoline and electricity.

Since the invention of internal combustion engines, machines have been invented and modified to move people and goods faster, more safely and more conveniently. Modern cars, trains, trams and trucks have made transportation more efficient than before. Many developed countries also feature bullet trains. In addition, mass transport has been enabled by commuter buses and coaches. Virtually all sectors of the world economy have benefited from contemporary means of land transportation, which also includes motorcycles, pick-up trucks and long-distance trailers. However, horses, donkeys and camels are still used to move people and goods in some parts of the world.