How Do You Find Your Kindle Library?

You can find your Kindle library’s contents by visiting on any Internet-enabled device. From the home page, click Your Account, and sign in. This leads to the account profile where you can find a link to your Kindle library.

The link to the Kindle library is in the Digital Content menu of your account profile. Click on Manage Your Content and Devices. This brings you to a page with a list of both purchased and borrowed Kindle items. Clicking Books allows you to change the type of Kindle content displayed on the list. This allows you to view personal documents, magazines, audio books and other types of content in your library.

Viewing the library is much simpler when using a Kindle device. Press the Home button on your keyboard to view a complete list of titles in your Kindle library.

The process for viewing the Kindle library is the same in both the Apple and Android apps. Select the Kindle menu button and choose the Library button. This returns you to the library section of the app, where you can choose between viewing the content on your device and viewing the entire content of your library in the cloud.