From What Kind of Wood Was Jesus’ Cross Made?

There is no definitive biblical or authoritative historic document that states which wood Jesus’ cross was made from. However, according to the traditions of the Eastern Orthodox church, the cross is said to have been made of three types of wood, mainly cedar, pine and cypress.

There is no authoritative document stating what the cross was made of and it is therefore hard to verify its origins. However, the Eastern Orthodox church teaches that the cross on which Jesus was crucified was made using three types of wood. This is according various accounts which claim that remnants of the cross consisting of cedar, pine and cypress parts were retrieved after the burial of Christ. This beliefs are largely constricted to catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches since other denominations do not accept the details as true or authentic.

The cross is an important symbol in Christianity since it signifies the sacrifice that Jesus made in order to save all of mankind. The death and resurrection of Jesus is commemorated each year two Christian holidays: Good Friday and Easter Monday. The cross is widely accepted as the main symbol of Christianity by almost all denominations. Jesus was killed through crucifixion, but is believed to have risen from the dead on the third day.