What Kind of Plastic Surgery Has Kathie Lee Gifford Had?

As of 2016, Kathy Lee Gifford has publicly admitted to having plastic surgeries, but hasn’t specified what kind. She also admits that the surgeries have helped change and improve her looks throught her career. Gifford confirms that she has received Botox injections to help remove wrinkles. Gifford has also publicly stated that she has never received a facelift.

Gifford further explained that she has a fear of facelifts and believes the results look unnatural. Some rumors about Gifford’s possible plastic surgeries speculate that she has received a nose job and a cheek augmentation. When comparing her current pictures with older pictures, some critics claim that her cheeks have a slight puffiness to them. Other critics also claim that her nose and chin show an improvement compared to older pictures.

Born in 1953, Gifford began her career as an aspiring Christian singer and actress. She later began reporting for ABC’s “Good Morning America” before being offered a position to co-host a morning talk show with Regis Philbin. “Live with Regis & Kathie Lee” soon became a nationally syndicated show and helped launch Gifford’s career. In 2000, she announced her departure from the show and eventually became a co-anchor on the “Today” show.