What Kind of Piercings Does Claire’s Do?

Loren Kerns/CC-BY-2.0

Claire’s provides ear piercing services and some cartilage piercing services. The company claims to be the leading ear piercing service in the world, having pierced the ears of 87 million people. Claire’s is a jewelry and accessory retailer with stores in 95 percent of the malls in the United States and has a target market of young women and girls. Claire’s began its ear piercing service in 1978.

Claire’s provides free ear piercing to customers who buy a pierced-ear starter kit, which includes piercing studs and hygienic solutions for aftercare. Piercing is done with presterilized piercing studs, as opposed to needles, and a wide variety of studs are available.

Claire’s provides piercing to one or both ear lobes. The company also does second piercings on the lobe, and some stores also offer cartilage piercing. Claire’s also offers dual piercing, in which both ears are pierced simultaneously; this service is usually used with young children.

Customers wishing to have their ears pierced at Claire’s stores in the United States must sign a written consent form. Minors must have consent forms signed by parents, and parents or guardians must accompany the minor during the ear piercing. Claire’s provides aftercare instructions in the starter kit and on the company website.