What Kind of Paint Is Used on Wood Crafts?

Julian Burgess/CC-BY-2.0

Wood crafts can be painted with water or oil-based enamel paints, chalkboard paint, stains, stencil paint, spray paint and acrylic paint. Different types of paints produce different effects on wood.

Enamel paints are permanent paints that create a hard, glossy surface that is durable and hard to chip. Enamel paints work well on wood furniture and other hard surfaces, such as glass or tile. Enamel paint colors do not blend well.

Chalkboard paint is applied to wood surfaces to create boards that can be written on with chalk. Chalkboard paint typically comes in black and green but can sometimes be found in other colors.

Stains are semi-opaque paints that allow wood grain to remain visible after painting. They typically come in colors associated with types of wood.

Stencil paint works on wood and plaster. It is formulated to keep from bleeding when painted over stencils.

Spray paint refers as much to the method of applying paint as to the paint itself. Paint sprayed from an aerosol can is typically used on wooden furniture for application on areas that brushes can’t reach easily. It is also a very fast method of applying paint.

Acrylic paint is easy to use on wood and creates deep, saturated colors. Often, acrylic paint does not need a second coat when applied to wood.