What Kind of House Does Donnie Swaggart Live In?

Donnie Swaggart lives in a house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which was reportedly worth $726,000 in 1988, according to the Los Angeles Times. The house is located in the fenced-in Swaggart family compound, where Donnie’s father Jimmy also lives.

Donnie Swaggart is the son of Jimmy Swaggart, an infamous evangelist and preacher. Like his father before him, Donnie has devoted his life to spreading the word of God and continuing operation of his father’s empire.

In the late 80s, the Los Angeles Times reported that both Jimmy and Donnie Swaggart borrowed copious amounts of money from their ministry to construct massive homes on their private lot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Donnie reportedly borrowed $410,000 to build his house.