What Kind of Furniture Does Link Taylor Make?

Link Taylor was one of four divested brand names under the Dixie Furniture Company, and the Link Taylor brand division manufactured fine solid wood furnishings for the dining room and bedroom. The other brand names simultaneously sold under the Dixie Furniture Company were Young Hinkle, Henry Link and Dixie. Since its beginnings in 1901, the company has had many mergers, name changes and buyouts, although the Link Taylor name was no longer associated with the company.

Link Taylor furniture specialized in solid wood furnishings including bed frames, nightstands, bureaus, dressers, bookcases, chests and dining room sets. Link Taylor, along with the other brands being sold under Dixie Furniture, were merged into one company, Lexington Furniture Industries, in 1987. Any Link Taylor furniture pre-dates the merger.

The Dixie Company began producing furniture in 1901 and some Link Taylor furniture items may be considered antique. Antique furniture is generally older than 100 years. Many Link Taylor furniture pieces can be found, purchased or auctioned as antiques online from various antique furniture and auction websites, such as AntiqueAuctionsNow.net, eBay.com and WorthPoint.com.

Link Taylor was acquired under Dixie Furniture Company and became Lexington Furniture Industries in 1987, Lifestyle Furnishings in 1996 and Lexington Home Brands in 2002.