What Kind of Foods Are on Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Foods List?

Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide offers an extensive list of recommended foods including avocado, garbanzo beans, figs, apples and dates, states Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food. Some recommended herbs and spices are bay leaf, dill, parsley, basil and cilantro.

Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide recommends oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil and hempseed oil, states the Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food website. The guide recommends consuming olive oil and coconut oil raw, while other oils may be heated for cooking. The vegetables section of the list includes a variety of greens, one being Amaranth greens, which are a spinach variety also known as callaloo. The list includes sea vegetables commonly used in Japanese cuisine such as wakame, arame, hijiki and nori.

The guide recommends bananas, though only the small or mid-size varieties, Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food states. The guide suggests all berries except for cranberries and recommends avoiding seedless varieties of fruits. For example, the list suggests seeded melons, key limes, grapes and raisins.

The nutritional guide includes general tips such as avoiding using a microwave because it kills the food, according to Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food. Another tip is to always consume fresh, rather than canned, fruits and vegetables.