What Kind of Food Is Eaten in Greenland?

Rene Schwietzke/CC-BY 2.0

The diet that is present in Greenland is generally focused around main ingredients that include marine and game animals. The high-meat diet provides the protein that is necessary for energy that is needed in the long and cold arctic winters of Greenland.

There is a great hunting culture in Greenland that is steeped in tradition and goes back to the days of small villages and food being shared among neighbors and friends. Many people in Greenland still rely on hunting as their main source for food and continue hunting traditions that were established by prior generations. These hunting traditions involve the use of deer, elk and other game meat. Greenlandic people also rely on marine animals as a main source of food because many live so close to the ocean.

No matter what is being eaten in Greenland, it can be sure that the food will be shared. Many of the restaurants offer a Greenland buffet where guests can pick and choose what they want among a variety of foods. Large meals are not uncommon and it is considered normal for families to share their game meat with others in their area. In Greenland, eating can become a great social event with the use of food sharing.