What Kind of Fonts Are Used on Diplomas?

David Goehring/CC-BY 2.0

Official diplomas that are conferred on graduates of accredited colleges and universities tend to use Gothic or Old English font styles that are ornate and are not typically used in everyday print media. There is actually a specific Gothic-style font that is called “Diploma” that has the characteristic ornate Gothic typeface characteristics that are typically found on diplomas. Often, the diploma features the educational institution’s name at the top of the page with the school’s official seal toward the bottom of the page, with signatures from school officials and other details, including the degree recipient’s name and other relevant details in the center.

Although Gothic typefaces are most traditionally associated with diplomas, not all colleges and universities use this kind of typeface. Some use simple, unadorned serif fonts while others use more modern and minimalistic sans serif typefaces. Some colleges and universities have official fonts that are to be used for all official publications, and these schools may use these type faces on their diplomas as well as official documents and memos. Font styles vary, but the format of diplomas tend to be very similar, with the elements described above being laid out in a similar style on a horizontally oriented rectangular page of vellum or another high-quality and thick style of paper.