What Kind of Coolant Can You Use for a Mercedes-Benz?

Neil Beckerman/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Mercedes-Benz recommends its own genuine coolant concentrate MB Type 325.0 or MB Model Type 30 coolant, according to the company?s Australian website. Other international brands offer compatible mixtures, some of which are Mercedes-Benz approved.

The Mercedes-Benz Genuine Coolant concentrate MB 325.0 is designed for use in undamaged cooling systems. If the cooling system has sustained corrosion damage, a citric-acid flush followed by MB Model Type 30 coolant is recommended.

Using fluids approved by Mercedes-Benz is advised, since the company’s parts and operating fluids are designed to work with one another. Any damages that occur due to using non-approved coolant are not covered by the warranty. The Mercedes-Benz international website provides a list of approved operating fluids by other manufacturers, including coolants by Voltronic, Raveno, Zerex and Castrol. Approval by Mercedes-Benz is noted on the containers with reference to the specific fluid, such as MB-Approval 325.0.

The coolants are available in concentrate or in pre-mixed form. The percentage of distilled water versus coolant varies depending on the climate in which the engine is operating. The owner?s manual for a particular model, which is accessible online, should be consulted before finalizing which coolant to use. The Mercedes-Benz website also provides contact options for obtaining more information on coolants.