What Kind of Cookware Does the Palm Restaurant Use?

Palm restaurant uses tri-ply stainless steel, aluminum and copper cookware with some raw cast iron pieces. The cookware is usually bonded with another metal for better heat conduction, while they have a surface coating for less food reactivity.

Each type of metal has pros and cons. Palm restaurant’s stainless steel pieces tend to contain copper bottoms for better conduction, while their copper pieces have a stainless steel lining for less food reactivity. Their aluminum pieces are anodized to make them durable and decrease food reactivity while maintaining heat conduction. Some of their skillets, pots and pans are raw cast iron. They require regular seasoning and maintenance but heat and clean easily.

Palm restaurant is a fine dining steakhouse that sells exclusive cookware. Their tri-ply cookware is popular among chefs and consumers for its even cooking of food. Some stores that sell Palm restaurant cookware are Home Goods, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx in the United States and HomeSense and Winners in Canada.