What Kind of Clothing Was Worn in the Stone Age?

The materials and styles of clothing worn during the Stone Age varied according to the part of the world. In general, the hunters and gatherers of this period wore fur and leather garments. The innovation of weaving in the late Stone Age introduced complex linens.

Based on artifacts found in areas such as Germany and Denmark, the people of the Stone Age, the vast historical period that lasted until up to 3 million years, ending somewhere between 6000 to 2000 B.C.E., seem to have relied on products gathered from hunted animals in order to stay warm. The wearing of furs and even leathers was probably the most reliable method of clothing.

Because most finds concerning the Stone Age are inconclusive, it is difficult to say precisely how people wore these materials and what fashions may have existed. According to depictions of ancient peoples made through wall paintings, we can assume that Stone Age women generally wore skirts, while men wore loose trousers with a loin cloth. In the European Upper Paleolithic period, however, it seems that certain communities began to experiment with the flax seed, leading to the creation of woven linen clothing. Evidence of weaving dating back as far as 27,000 years ago has been found in the Czech Republic.