What Kind of Clothing Do H&M Stores Carry?

H&M stores carry a wide variety of clothing for men, women and kids, including dresses, pants, swimwear, suits and sweaters. In addition to clothing items, H&M stores also carry shoes, accessories, and home and beauty products.

H&M designs all of its clothing in-house and does not rely upon factory-made garments. The retailer has a long history of buying products from established independent retailers.

H&M sells a diverse selection of clothing for women, men, teenagers, children and infants. H&M’s fashion for women collection includes casual wear, lingerie, party dresses, sportswear and maternity clothes. With its women’s collection, the company strives for a balance between contemporary looks and updated fashion classics.

H&M carries a large selection of men’s clothing as well, including work shirts and suits, jackets, sports clothing, casual wear and pieces for more festive occasions. The company describes its male fashion collection as having everything a man needs to create a contemporary and flexible wardrobe.

H&M also has a kid’s clothing selection with pieces available for children from birth to age 14. This collection includes dresses, pajamas, coats and jeans. Every H&M Kids item is tested to ensure it meets the standards for quality, function, safety and sustainability, according to the company.