What Kind of Clothes Do People Wear in Italy?

In Italy, Italian people typically wear stylish clothing that has simple lines, and they usually dress less casually than Americans do. They also favor simple pieces of jewelry as accessories.

Women generally dress modestly in Italy. This is especially true for the clothing that both women and men wear to places such as churches and museums, which often require a specific type of dress. When visiting places such as these, women in Italy refrain from wearing shorts, bare arms, low-cut dresses and short skirts. Capri pants and cotton slacks are often worn as alternatives. Italian women typically wear simple makeup and soft shades of lipstick and nail polish.

Men also refrain from wearing shorts, bare arms and tank tops in churches and museums. In conservative locations in southern Italy, women are typically expected to wear a shawl or head scarf when visiting a church. Jeans are also worn in Italy as long as they are neat and in good condition. They are typically paired with a pressed sports shirt for men or a blouse for women.

Men in Italy wear clothing that is well tailored. Jackets are seen as ill-fitting if the shoulders do not sit perfectly. The seams that connect the shoulders of the jacket to the sleeves must end where the shoulders and arms join. The same goes for the sleeves of shirts. Their shirts must also fit close to the body, but not be so tight that the buttons protrude outward. The pants Italian men wear either barely touch the tops of their shoes for a modern look, while others are worn slightly past the ankle for a conservative look.