What Kind of Clothes Do Jamaicans Wear?

Vox Efx/CC-BY 2.0

Traditional Jamaican clothes are focused around comfort in the hot climates; flowing dresses with thin straps are usually worn by women and loose pants with T-shirts or tank tops are usually worn by men. There is no specific dress of Jamaicans, but they tend to wear loose fitting clothing.

Depending on the area of Jamaica and the major religion in the area, the people may be required to wear certain colors. No matter which area or religion of Jamaica, most people do not wear the color black. Black attracts the heat from the sun and can make a warm day turn into an uncomfortable and suffocating one. Visitors to Jamaica often make the mistake of taking too many black clothes and get too hot. Lighter and more vibrant colors are recommended and blend nicely with the colors that are worn by the locals.

It is important to remember that shorter dresses or women wearing tight fitting clothing may be seen as unusual. Women generally wear long dresses that allow air flow and the dresses are loose to prevent the women from getting too hot. People who have long hair also commonly wear hats called tams that keep their long hair off of their neck and out of the way.