What Kills Ground Bees?

Todd Engseth/EyeEm/Getty Images

Soap and water kills ground bees by pouring the solution on their nest. Moreover, sprinkling boric acid at the entrance of a bee nest causes the natural toxin to spread throughout the entire nest, killing the bee population.

There are also natural ways to remove ground bees without killing them. For example, watering the ground nest with a full inch of water every week causes the bees to relocate to a drier area. Laying down a thick layer of mulch discourages bees from a building a ground nest in the first place. This is a great dual purpose idea for flower beds and gardens.

Before removing ground bees, it’s important for homeowners to remember bees have an important role to play in any yard because they are pollinators. In most cases, ground bees are not aggressive, according to About.com. Unless a person is looking after the well-being of a family member who is allergic to bee venom, there is no reason to remove ground bees. Homeowners can still go about doing their normal outdoor activities, such as mowing the yard, without fear of being stung. Also, ground bees limit their nesting activity to spring, so they don’t tend to stay around for long. Once they leave, the ground nest can be easily dug up and removed to prevent them from coming back next year.