How Do You Kill Water Grass Weeds?

Water grass is an invasive weed that is commonly found during warm seasons. Getting rid of it requires some labor, but it can be done with a shovel and some lawn care products.

  1. Improve your lawn’s health

    The best way to keep water grass at bay is to have a healthy lawn to drown out the weeds. Accomplish this by mulching grass clippings back into the lawn, mulch leaves into the soil during the fall, apply compost and organic matter, use quality soil, fertilize lightly and avoid overwatering and mowing too low.

  2. Dig up water grass

    Use your shovel to dig up water grass in clumps. Remove all foliage and the entire root system. The roots can grow new water grass plants, so make sure that all traces of them are removed.

  3. Prevent spreading

    Plant new grass seeds in any barren areas on the lawn. Cover any gardening areas with landscape fabric or black plastic mulch.

  4. Stop new growth

    Actively monitor your lawn for signs of new water grass growth. Immediately remove the entire clump.

  5. Use an herbicide

    Herbicides should only be used as a last resort, as they can also kill desirable grass. Choose one formulated for water grass, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.