How Do You Kill Ground Hornets?

Although ground hornets are peaceful insects that do not want to sting people, removing them from their burrows may be best left to a professional. When threatened, these insects will sting; careful eradication of the nest is required. Some at-home tips include applying soap and water to the nest or using a pesticide.

Removing ground hornets is possible with a few ingredients.

  1. Apply soap and water to the nest
  2. Pouring a solution of soap and water will drive out the hornets and discourage them from returning to the nest. Simply make a solution of laundry or dish soap and water and pour it in the hole.

  3. Use a pesticide
  4. If the soapy water does not get rid of the hornets, buy a liquid or dust-type pesticide and follow the directions on the package. Some to try include diazinon, carbaryl and acephate.

  5. Remember to treat the nests at night
  6. The best time to treat hornets nests is at night, when they are all in the nest and less active. Hornets find it difficult to fly in temperatures less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so this too is a good time to follow the steps listed above.

After the nests are gone, there are ways to prevent ground hornets from burrowing in a yard or garden. Hornets prefer loose soil, so by keeping the soil well-watered and drained, the soil will become more compact, making it an inhospitable home for ground hornets. Homeowners may also decide to plant more vegetation in sparsely covered areas, taking away any areas the hornets decide to burrow. Another prevention method involves installing a woven ground cover below the first layer of soil. This makes it impossible for the hornets to burrow.

Professional exterminators will likely remove the hornet’s nest and treat the area with either a liquid or aerosol spray to prevent the hornets from returning. Small nests may be removed without the use of pesticides. Due to this insect’s tendency to furiously defend its nest, never remove a hornet’s nest alone.