What Is the Kids’ World Record for Pogo Stick Jumps?

Rudy Malmquist/Moment/Getty Images

There is no official Guinness World Record for children’s pogo stick jumps, but of as September 2014, the Guinness record for most jumps by a male is 206,864 bounces. The record was set by James Roumeliotis, who stayed on his pogo stick for 20 hours 13 minutes.

In addition to highest number of jumps, there are several other records held by pogo stick jumpers. The Book of Alternative Records keep statistics for highest forward flip while on a pogo stick, most front flips, most back flips, fastest marathon and others.

Based on the Alternative records, high-achieving jumpers do more backward flips with a pogo stick than front flips. The record for back flips is 15, while the record for front flips is only five.

In some cases, jumping quickly helps to set a record, especially in the case of the Alternative record for most pogo jumps in a minute. As of 2014, that record is held by American Tone Staubs who jumped 266 times in a single minute. In other cases, it’s advantageous to jump slowly, especially when trying to set the record for the least number of jumps in a minute. That record is held by Biff Hutchinson, who jumped 39 times in a minute.