What Does the Kia Extended Warranty Cover?

The Kia extended warranty plan, called the Kia Protection Plus or KPP plan, covers a range of parts and components, including most engine parts, the transmission and transaxle, drive axle, steering and air conditioning components, suspension and parts in the electrical, cooling and fuel systems, as well as the audio unit. The KPP offers drivers coverage for parts and components beyond the standard warranty. The KPP comes in several different plans but, like the basic warranty, does not cover every single part in Kia cars.

The KPP offers considerable protection for Kia engines and their parts, including oil pans, engine block and cylinder heads and all internal parts covered with lubricants. This package protects, among other parts, the cooling rods, timing gears and timing belt, water pump, fuel pump and thermostat.

The transmission and transaxle components covered under the KPP include the oil pump, along with its cover and gears, the throttle valve, sprags, sprockets, supports and shafts. The oil pan and transmission mounts are also covered through this plan.

Protected drive axle parts include the spider gear and housing, slip joints, axle housing and other parts. Some steering parts covered include the housing, power steering pump, seals, gaskets and cooling lines. Brake components and many parts in the electrical and cooling systems are covered too. Parts in the suspension system are protected by the KPP, as are the fuel and audio systems.