What Is Ketosteril?

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According to the Kidney Cares Community, Ketosteril is a medication used to treat and prevent renal damage in people with chronic kidney disease. For best results, Ketosteril is usually combined with a diet low in protein to alleviate symptoms of uremia, protect kidney function, slow down the progression of kidney failure, improve metabolic complications and guarantee proper nutrition. Ketosteril does not recover lost kidney function.

The Ketosteril website states that the medicine is produced by Fresenius Kabi. It is not used in the United States. Ketosteril is called a ketoanalogue, which is defined as a nitrogen-free analogue of essential amino acids. In the human body, ketoanalogues capture nitrogen and convert it into amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Providing ketoanalogues like Ketosteril prevents malnutrition because the body is still able to build protein. In addition, because ketoanalogues use excess nitrogen, the kidneys do not have to work as hard to excrete nitrogen-containing waste. This may slow the progression of chronic kidney disease and postpone dialysis.

In addition to using Ketosteril, people with reduced kidney function should avoid certain pain pills that might hasten renal failure, keep their blood pressure under control and keep their blood glucose under control if they have diabetes.