How Do You Keep the Water in a Paddling Pool Clean?

R. Nelson/Moment/Getty Images

Although paddling pools do not have automatic filtration and chlorination systems, it is possible to chlorinate the water using regular household bleach to keep the water clean, according to the Cloxox Company. It recommends mixing 1/8 cup per hundred gallons of water in two gallons of water, pouring over the surface of the pool and mixing well.

Once the bleach solution is added to the pool, the water should be tested using the appropriate test kit. Owners should keep children out of the pool until the residual chlorine is between 1 and 3 parts per million.

According to The Clorox Company, using household bleach with 6 percent sodium hypochlorite offers several advantages. The predissolved chlorine source eliminates any solids in the water and ensures there are no dangerous bacteria left in the water, allowing the children to swim safely. The bleach solution is safe for children and does not harm plastic pools.

The best practice is emptying small pools daily. In stabilized pools, the Clorox Company recommends keeping chlorine levels in the 1.0 to 1.5 parts per million range and adding more chemicals as indicated by testing. The actual amount of chemicals and the frequency of addition is dependant on the ambient temperature and the number of swimmers.