How Do You Keep Wasps Away?

Keep wasps away by using traditional clip-on wasp repellents and creating deterrents with specific scents and decoys. Wasps do not like certain smells, and they choose to stay clear when the smells are used as alternative repellents. Use dryer sheets, mothballs and paper bags to keep wasps away.

Using dryer sheets is a way to keep wasps away without the use of harsh chemicals. Simply rub the dryer sheets on exposed skin, or hang a couple on outer pockets of clothing, and wasps are held at bay as they do not like the smell. The use of mothballs is another option. Scatter the mothballs around the area, or throw a couple in a pair of old pantyhose. Wasps do not like this smell either and avoid it.

Other non-traditional repellents include cut-up cucumber slices or the strong aroma of cloves. Wasps dislike both of these scents, so scatter a handful of either ingredient around the perimeter of the area you’re trying to protect.

Another easy way to keep wasps away is by using brown paper bags. Fill a bag with air and seal it with a tie to make it resemble a wasp’s nest. Being very territorial in nature, wasps do not go near an area where other wasps may potentially be.