How Do You Keep Score for the Game of Darts?

Rob Ellis/CC-BY-2.0

To keep score in darts, make a side by side chart for each player, and write down each player’s score on every throw. Subtract each score from a base number, usually 501, until a player brings his score down to zero and wins the game.

  1. Learn the dartboard

    Each player gets three throws per turn. The sections of the outer ring are equal to double the number – written as D20 or D10 – that each one is associated with. The tan and black triangular sections are equal to the number that each one is associated with. The sections of the inner ring are equal to triple the number – written as T20 or T10 – that each one is associated with. The green ring around the bullseye is equal to 25, while the bullseye itself is equal to 50.

  2. Make a scorecard

    Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper, preferably lined paper. Place one player’s name on one side and the other player’s name on the other side. Draw a line down the middle of each half. Write “Score” at the top of one half, and write “Total” at the top of the other half. On the side, write the numbers one through 10 to represent each turn, and add additional turns as needed.

  3. Keep tally

    Start each player at 501, and subtract the first turn’s score from this number. Keep taking turns until someone brings their score down to zero.