How Do You Keep Lint Off Black Pants?

Roberta Krasnig/Photodisc/Getty Images

Keeping lint off of black pants can be done by taking care to wash the pants separately from lint causing fabrics and by using various lint removing tools. Washer and dryer filters also prevent lint from attaching to pants.

Black pants that are placed in the washer along with items made from cotton, linen, terry cloth and other natural fibers attract lint from these sources. Whenever possible, it is best to wash black pants with polyester, knit, corduroy or any synthetic fabrics. If it is necessary to wash the pants with natural fibers, lint can be reduced by using a washer with a lint filter. Another idea is to add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar per load of wash to replace the fabric softener. Vinegar helps release the lint from fabrics.

When using a clothes dryer, it is best to clean out the lint filter before each load. Dirty filters prevent lint from escaping away from the pants and other clothing.

3 Ways to Remove Lint from Black Pants

Lint Shaver

Lint shavers run on battery power and literally shave lint off of fabric. Shavers are gentle on fabric and easy to use.

Lint Roller or Brush

The lint roller or brush is a handheld device that picks up lint when it is brushed across pants.

Masking Tape

This works by pressing the sticky side of a piece of masking tape on the lint area and lifting it off.