How Do You Keep Bats Away?

Nicole Stahl/Moment/Getty Images

Polypropylene netting, tape, bright lights, a bat box and aluminum foil can be used to get rid of bats in homes and other roosting areas, such as porches and barns. The project of installing the netting and tin foil should take an afternoon and typically requires a hammer, nails and a ladder in addition to the netting and foil.

  1. Install the netting

    Hang fine mesh polypropylene netting over openings 1 to 2 inches in front of the entrances used by the bats. Do not nail the sides or bottom of the netting closed. The netting allows the bats to exit the home, but prevents their reentrance.

  2. Hang aluminum foil on roosting areas

    Tear aluminum foil into long strips about 2 feet wide and tape the sheets onto known roosts in outdoor areas. The noise of the foil will deter most bats.

  3. Install bright lights in attics

    Install floodlights that automatically turn on at night. The light should deter bats by shining directly into the areas where they are roosting.

  4. Remove the bat deterrents

    After two to three weeks, remove the bat deterrents and install a bat box. The bat box provides the animals with an alternative living space when they return in the following spring.