What Is the KBB Value of My Car?

Manfred Gottschalk/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

The Kelley Blue Book vehicle value is a fair sale or trade price determined based on the make, model, age, mileage and features of a vehicle, according to the Kelley Blue Book website. This value can fluctuate based upon the market and demand for the vehicle.

An individual wishing to appraise his vehicle can access the Kelley Blue Book website for free to determine a fair asking price for his car or truck, as stated by the company’s web site. After providing information about the condition and features of the vehicle to be appraised, the system provides a current market value for both private party sale and dealer trade.

Additionally, individuals wishing to purchase a new or used vehicle can obtain a current market value range based upon trends in dealership and private sales to get an idea of how much the average customer should be prepared to pay when negotiating with a salesperson. This feature is based upon published data from actual vehicle sales in the user’s zip code, and provides information about circumstances in which prices may fluctuate, according to Kelley Blue Book’s website. Users can also get live quotes for vehicles from local dealers and view current car listings that match their search requirements.