What Is “Kaiingat Kayo” by Marcelo H Del Pilar?

“Kaiingat Kayo” is a satire written by Marcelo H Del Pilar in the 19th century, criticizing the Spanish government that controlled the Philippines at the time. Originally published in the newspaper “Diariong Tagalog,” the piece mocks Spanish friars in particular.

Born in Kupang, San Nicolas, Bulacan, on Aug. 30, 1850, Del Pilar became a skilled propagandist who attempted to win Philippine independence from Spain through his writing. Del Pilar became editor of the “Diariong Tagalog” in 1882, and under his pen name, Plaridel, he wrote many humorous pieces intended to sway public opinion against the ruling Spanish government. Del Pilar died from tuberculosis on July 4, 1896 in Barcelona, Spain.