Why Is Justice Important?

Markus Daams/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Justice is important because keeping justice, the act of upholding good and punishing evil, is necessary for having a safe society dedicated to the benefit of all people, notes Dictionary.com. When justice is not upheld, those doing wrong will continue to do wrong, while those who are doing right will suffer rather than be rewarded.

Justice is important because every person will not choose to do that which is deemed right in society. Since justice is the punishment of the wrong and the upholding of the good, justice is then implemented to maintain what is deemed right or appropriate behavior.

Justice helps create a safe environment for people to live in. Without justice, there would be nothing to stop wrong doings from happening and nothing to prevent/punish people for doing things against what has been establish as good. Justice is important because it places a standard of good over all people and demands all people to pay attention to this standard. This could be anything from avoiding a banned action, such as committing murder, or following certain instruction, such as going the correct direction on a one way street. Thus, in an attempt to protect the community as a whole, those breaking the law are punished according to what others find “just”, or right. According to Santa Clara University, punishments are held to be just to the extent that they take into account relevant criteria, like the seriousness of the crime and the intent of the criminal, and discount irrelevant factors, like race.