What Is the Juliana Koningin Der Nederlanden Coin?

Julinana Koningin der Nederlanden coins refer to coins minted in the Netherlands during Queen Juliana’s rule from 1948 to 1980. Juliana Koningin der Nederlanden translates to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. Coins were minted in one-, five-, 10- and 25-cent denominations.

The one- and five-cent coins were made from bronze, while the 10- and 25-cent denominations were minted from nickel. Coins that were minted from 1960 to 1980 are worth about $1 as of 2014. Older minted coins are worth more, as they are more rare. The Netherlands has used the euro currency since 2002, when it joined the European Union, so the Juliana coins are no longer used.