What Is Judici of Illinois?

Judici of Illinois is the online portal of 71 different judicial courts throughout the state of Illinois. People can pay for traffic tickets through the Judici system or browse a number of different court cases that are available for public viewing.

Judici of Illinois allows the public to search cases on its online system for any one of its 71 participating courts. There is no charge to use the Judici system. Defendants can plead to or pay a traffic ticket fine, or make a payment on any outstanding balances they have pending in one of the participating courts, according to Judici.

Judici of Illinois offers the electronic filing of documents with premium service, notes Judici. Premium service also allows for online access to case files using the Courtlook service.

People can log in to the Multicourt system to search all of the connected counties in the Judici system, log in to Courtlook to view personalized case lists and court dockets, or log in to Court Reports to search for all cases filed, docketed or disposed of in the Judici system for a specific time-frame. Searches include finding information on certain litigants, criminal charges, civil judgments ordered, fines and fees ordered, payment details of balances paid, upcoming hearing dates and case minutes.