What Is the Judging Criteria for Beauty Contests?

In beauty contests, the judging criteria includes evaluation of several factors: grace, personality, beauty and intelligence. Judging criteria evaluates and scores contestants based on overall performance during beauty pageants. However, pageants break down into three separate categories, which are interview, swimsuit and evening gown, where contestants go through additional rounds of judging and scoring.

The three areas of beauty pageant competitions focus on certain qualities and skills. During the interview stage, for instance, a panel of judges interviews all contestants individually. In the interview category, judges look for mastery of communications skills, including posture and confidence, as well as a distinct personality, personal appearance and understanding of platform issues. While the interview panel focuses on intellect, the swimsuit judging criteria focuses primarily on physical appearance. Judging for this stage includes evaluation of physical fitness, and looks for commitment to a long-term healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition and physical activity. Judges in the swimsuit category evaluate contestants on their level of confidence as well as energy and charm. In the evening gown competition, judges look for maturity, grace and confidence. Judges evaluate contestants based on overall appearance, which includes beauty and style, as well as how contestants carry themselves across the stage. Pageant judges usually come from diverse backgrounds and include representatives from the fields of communications, business, fitness, entertainment and beauty.