What Is the Joseph Prince Scandal?

In 2014, an online report claimed that Joseph Prince, a senior pastor in the New Creations Church, had a net worth of $5 million, with an annual salary of over $500,000. The Straits Time revealed that an employee had been paid $500,001 and $550,000 during 2008.

These claims have largely been denied by the church, which has refused to reveal the recipient of the 2008 salary and only stated that the church believes in rewarding key contributors such as Prince. The church has attributed the net worth claim to Prince’s personal wealth and has stated that Prince has requested to go unpaid since 2006, though the request was denied.

Joseph Prince has published several books, including but not limited to “Destined to Reign,” which is also the name of his television program. He is credited with being a founding member of New Creations Church. He was elected as a senior pastor in 1990, his appointment heralding a growth in the congregation from 150 attendees to over 30,000. He heads the nonprofit organization Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc.

New Creations Church was reported in 2012 to have an income of $27.6 million, states Strait Times. Joseph Prince Ministries had a net profit of $1.7 million that year. However, Prince states that he does not receive financial compensation from either organization.