What Are Some Jokes for Someone Turning 65 Years Old?

“We were going to put 65 candles on your cake, but we were afraid a jet might mistake it for a runway” and “You know you’re turning 65 when you start ordering drive-up food at a mailbox” are jokes for someone turning 65 as they tease the 65-year-old about the hardships associated with aging. “At 65 your body is still a temple, but the steeples are pointing downward” is another joke that laughs at a downside of age.

Jokes for someone turning 65 also include “When you hit 65, ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ no longer describes your music, but your chair options: rocking or wheel,” and “We wanted to put 65 candles on your cake, but it would have been the size of a coffin.”

Jokes for someone’s 65th birthday typically poke fun at the person’s failing body, mind and sex life in a good-natured way. The joke typically lies in the fact that, although the person is aging, he is not as old as the joke makes him out to be.

Addressing the potentially negative aspects of aging through a light-hearted joke allows the new 65-year-old to embrace the trials associated with his new age in a silly and entertaining way.