What Does Joel Osteen Say About Divorce?

baona/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

On a blog entitled “Let Go of the Ashes” posted in 2014 by Joel Osteen, he states that divorce, though not ideal, should not be a stigma that prevents people from moving on. He also encourages divorcees to find new romance with someone better.

Joel Osteen’s views on divorce may be influenced by the fact that his own father went through a divorce. Though he is the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, which averages more than 25,000 attendees each week, Joel Osteen has faced criticism from some of his more conservative peers for his less stringent views on traditional Christian values. He is known for his charismatic, crowd-friendly sermons.

Osteen also frequently appears alongside his wife in his weekly television program “Discover the Champion in You.” She has also addressed their relationship on Osteen’s blog. In her contribution, she asserted that she and Osteen occasionally have arguments and disagreements, but they believe it is a natural part of marriage, and a healthy way of coming to accept flaws in one another. Aside from serving as pastor of Lakewood Church and hosting a weekly television program, Osteen has also written books, hosts a radio program and sells a variety of ministry-related merchandise on his website.